It is known by the name of Pilates – by Joseph Pilates, its creator – to the method of physical and mental training that arises from the union of disciplines such as yoga, ballet, gymnastics, traumatology, mental control and techniques. Breathing and relaxation.

We can also define it as a complete gymnastics method that combines yoga and ballet techniques and is based on eight principles: concentration, precision, control, movement, centralization, breathing, alignment and routine. It provides so many benefits that it has become the ideal method for those suffering from back problems or need rehabilitation of muscles after an accident, for pregnant women and to recover the figure after pregnancy.

Traditional methods of exercise emphasize the development of maximum muscle strength; The Pilates method is, however, to orient the person to move with economy, balance and coordination through the basic principles that constitute technique, concentration, control, fluidity, precision and breathing.

Unlike other disciplines that work only the physical plane, in Pilates emphasis is placed on the use of the mind to control the body and the goal is to achieve a balance between both.

This method can be practiced by people of any age and physical state since it is an anaerobic activity that does not demand great efforts. It is used as rehabilitation therapy for patients with pathologies or, simply, with back pains due to a very sedentary job.

During the sessions you will work on the internal muscles to maintain body balance and give stability and firmness to the spine. Breathing is very controlled and must accompany the movements of the body.

To see results it is recommended to start with two weekly sessions of one hour, which begin with a warm-up and continue with the work of the large muscle groups, focusing on the abdomen and the realignment of the body. Finally, the class ends with a relaxation.

The exercises not only facilitate breathing but increase respiratory capacity and oxygen efficiency. For each exercise there is a specific form of breathing, which directs the energy to the desired area

Usually, the work is done in specially designed beds, as designed by its creator, but nowadays have adapted exercises that can be done on mats and even there are DVDs with classes to do Pilates at home, without having to have No element in particular.

This discipline began being very exclusive and only for “celebrities” and that now it was massified. We work on special “beds” and the idea is to improve both the state of the body and that of the mind.

Those who practice it ensure that they feel great, have strengthened areas of their body that have forgotten and have improved their physical condition.

In short we can say that the practice of Pilates not only provides us with physical advantages but also helps us to find well-being and happiness, helps us to be relaxed, in a good mood, to be more active and even to sleep better! In addition age is not an impediment to be able to make use of this beautiful discipline.

So you know that age is not an impediment!