What to expect during a Pilates session?

A Pilate’s session lasts approximately 50 minutes and is guided by an expert monitor who will indicate and exemplify the exercises throughout the class.

The session takes place through a flow of movements, putting more emphasis on the good execution of the exercise than on the number of repetitions. At the beginning and at the end of the class stretches will be made to prepare and relax the body before and after the session.

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After your first Pilates class you can expect to feel a greater awareness of your muscles and alignment. You will leave the studio feeling taller and stronger, more energetic and more focused. If you tend to load tension in certain areas of your body, you will develop the ability to breathe properly allowing you to unlock those parts that are usually tense. After about 10 sessions, you will see yourself and feel considerably different, and probably your friends will ask you what you have been doing to look so good! After a 50 sessions you will be able to deepen your practice, rebalancing continuously and conditioning your body and mind, gaining more freedom in your movement and in your life.

If you are a beginner in the practice of exercise, athlete, dancer, future mom, mother of three, waiter, firefighter, future president, parent, librarian, bus driver or grandmother, Pilates is for you.

If you are a beginner you should take into account aspects such as:

To attend your first Pilates class you only need comfortable clothing and a mat. There are people who use non-slip socks to better handle the floor, but I personally prefer to work barefoot. Arm yourself with patience because the first few days will be tough, but the results are worth it!

Make it clear from the beginning: Pilates is not relaxation. Before entering your first class, mentalise yourself that a Pilate’s session is physically and mentally demanding.

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In Pilates you will work the muscular force: mainly of the zone of the core or powerhouse (the average section of our body, encompassing all the abdominal belly and deep musculature of the abdomen), but also of your extremities.

You will learn to know and control your own body: In Pilates you will learn to dissociate movements and to work muscle chains

You will learn to perform a conscious breath: breathing control is one of the six principles on which the Pilates method is based. The intercostal, diaphragmatic and conscious breathing is basic when performing each of the exercises and progressing, and must be coordinated with them. This will serve you in your day to day and other sports.

You will improve your posture: body alignment before starting any movement is very important when working with Pilates. You should make sure that your scapular waist and pelvic girdle are aligned before you start moving.

Create closeness. The best way to create closeness is not talking and counting, it’s listening.

This is a summary of what you can expect from a Pilates class and know several aspects to take into account if you are a beginner, hope you get excited and lose your fear, Pilates is super beneficial.

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