Advantages and benefits of Pilates

It is used as rehabilitation therapy for patients with pathologies or, simply, with back pains due to a very sedentary job.

The exercises are adapted to the possibilities and limitations of each person, however those who have pain or any health problem should always consult their doctor before starting a physical activity.

Helps work the internal muscles to maintain body balance and give stability and firmness to the spine. Breathing is very controlled and must accompany the movements of the body.

In a few weeks it improves blood circulation, flexibility and body balance, and it favors posture by relieving neck and back strains.

Soft Pilate’s exercises are ideal for pregnancy and postpartum because they improve cardiovascular and muscular condition, correct posture, strengthen deep muscles and prevent excessive weight gain.

Postpartum recovery is also faster and more appropriate when working with Pilates.

Prevents osteoporosis, low back pain and correction of bad postures that cause back and neck pain

Besides all this there are also other advantages and benefits of Pilates such as:

Sleep better: a Pilates session of at least 45 minutes and your body will be totally relaxed and toned. That will make you sleep like a baby

It is therapeutic: it can be practiced by people of diverse age and physical condition. Doing sport helps us to feel better, and somehow makes us happier.

Improve your body posture. By working the muscles of the back and abdomen, your body posture is automatically improved. After a few sessions you will notice that your back is stronger, you walk more erect and you feel more right in the office.

It serves as supplemental training for high-performance sports athletes. We always recommend doing cardio activities and combining them with other ton

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ing activities. Pilates is a perfect practice for those who want to complement their “running”, swimming, tennis or cycling sessions. Also for those who do cardio sessions to lose calories and also want to strengthen the back and abdomen

It brings personal knowledge: Pilates is a method that connects your body and your mind and makes you work hard on breathing. These exercises s

omehow bring awareness about our own body, experiencing our own limits and feeling as we improve and we are more flexible in each session.

It brings confidence and security: Joseph Pilates said “” In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 sessions you will have a new body “. This change makes us feel more secure and content with ourselves.

Other of the advantages and benefits of Pilates that this discipline grants are on a physical and emotional level. Some centers even offer interdisciplinary activities where psychologists and Pilates studio instructors work together to get the person to reduce their stress and anxiety levels by doing a pleasurable activity

And guess what? You will also get a slimmer and more stylized body. So go for it!You have more reasons to put into practice this technique that can change your life.

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